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The Swamp Kritter logo and social media banners were created for a client who treasure hunts for American Civil war and Native American artifacts in the Southern United States. The client wanted to create a recognizable logo that also matched his business name and mission. 

The project also included a banner for the client's Youtube and Facebook accounts. The logo has appeared on business cards, stickers, vinyl decals, and t-shirts. is my personal custom-built website, which serves as a portfolio and resumes for my education and design careers.

When creating the website, I wanted to focus on the user's experience. By designing welcoming and easy to navigate pages with handmade colorful graphics and animations, the website also serves as an artwork. The site was built using

The Hexacomb logo was created as part of the brand identity for Hexacomb Shelving, a unique modular system made up of individual hexagon-shaped units that connect to one another through powerful neodymium magnets, allowing the user to create their own honeycomb structure that is both functional and sculptural.

The logo emphasizes Hexacomb's purpose and highlights the product's inspiration. The hexagon shape alludes to the design of the individual shelving units. The bee is the inspiration behind the shelving's tessellating design. Lastly, the flower is an ode to the all-natural materials used in Hexacomb's construction.

When designing the Master of Multiples logo, I knew the design's elements had to be instantly recognizable across a variety of social media and e-commerce platforms, so simplicity and versatility were key in executing the brand's identity. The clean geometric shapes and color scheme help to imply the brand's luxury status, while still alluding to the name of the company using a hidden "M" which doubles as a crown.

As a designer, I am constantly trying to improve my skills and showcase my talents. One of the many ways I continue to do so is by design logos for fictional and pre-existing brands.

This is the Bottles & Bits logo I created for my treasure hunting page on Instagram. The logo features an ampersand bottle created using a single line that matches the stoke width of the corresponding typography.