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Collection of 9 antiques catcher’s mitts on stands in custom painted white oak display shadow box.

Each glove is mounted on a oak dowel stand that is embedded with strong neodymium magnets that lock in place within each cubby so they can be rearranged or taken out to be cleaned.

The mitts all date between 1930-1950 and show signs of use and feature a great patina that compliments that clean white display nicely.

screws, eye hooks, leather, neodymium magnets, magnets, dowel, oak wood, paint, wood

A collection of 10 antique and vintage kid’s toy beach shovels mounted on custom white painted oak with pegs.

Shovels date between 1930-1960 and show their age with signs of rust and chipped paint that compliment the clean white custom made display.

Oak wood, metal, paint, eye hooks

A collection of 21 antique and vintage wooden Bomber fishing lures mounted on custom white painted oak display.

Fishing lures date between 1940-1960 and show their age with signs of chipped painted from years of use.

wood, eye hooks, paint, oak

Three antique wooden boat paddles on custom white painted oak display. All three paddles display their original paint of red, yellow, and green. Paddles shows signs of wear with some chips to the wood and paint that contrast with the clean white of the display. Paddles can be rearranged and hung in different colored order.

eye hook, white paint, paint, wood, oak