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The Levitate Side Table is made up of 27 individual magnetized wooden cubes, which hover in respect to one another. The repelling cubes are held in a state of equilibrium by thin steel cables until pressure is applied.

Balsa wood, neodymium magnets, steel cable

The Alexa Desk features a built-in whiteboard, a charging dock for your tablet and phone, a hidden shelf for cables, a power strip, and a pair of pegs for hanging.

The Alexa Lamp is connected to a smart plug and can be voice-controlled when paired with any Amazon Alexa Device.

Poplar wood, steel, felt

The color of the light emitted by the RGB Lamp can be controlled using syringes filled with red, green, and blue ink. As color is "injected" into the lamp, a small slider switch is activated, which is coded to produce the corresponding color. When two or more colors are "injected" mixing occurs.


The RGB Lamp serves as a physical example of the way red, green, and blue light are used in digital interfaces to create a full spectrum of hues. 

Tubing, aluminum, copper wires, Arduino Uno, colored dye, balsa wood, plastic, led's

The Farmhouse Table was designed with a space in mind. The rustic table is made up of pine planks that feature unique defined grain patterns. The wood was stained and protected with a semi-gloss polyurethane.


Pine, felt, stain, polyurethane