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Hexacomb Shelving is a unique modular system made up of individual hexagon-shaped units that connect to one another through powerful neodymium magnets, allowing the user to create their own honeycomb structure that is both functional and sculptural.

Designed around the most powerful geometric shape, Hexacomb uses three distinctive characteristics that are unlike traditional shelving systems.

  1.  Weight Distribution- Hexacomb's unique hexagon design evenly disperses weight outward and downward. ​​​​

  2. The Honeycomb Conjecture- "A hexagonal grid or honeycomb is the best way to divide a surface into regions of equal parts with the least total perimeter." -Mathematician Thomas Hales

  3. Tessellation-Hexacomb can be reconfigured by being broken down and built back up. The modular design means that your shelving will no longer be static.​​


White oak, neodymium magnets


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