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Chief is a life-sized sculptural bust inspired by the Sioux Native Americans of the Great Plains region and features a feather warbonnet with intricate bead work. These headresses were reserved for members of the tribe who earned the right and honor through recognition by their people.

Clay, beads, underglaze, feathers, string

Float is a mixed media sculpture that was created to visually defy gravity. Featuring a plywood outer stand, large neodymium magnets were evenly spaced and embedded into the wood's surface. A single eye hook was placed directly across from the magnets to hold lengths of cable with their own magnets on the ends. The magnet's attraction to each other is captured in a state of equilibrium.

Plywood, steel cable, neodymium magnets

Inspired by ceramic artist Brett Kern, these ceramic inflatables were created by pouring clay slip into handmade plaster molds. Each of the sculptures received a bisque firing and glaze firing in kilns.

Clay slip, porcelain slip, glaze, plaster

Peas in a Pod is a clay sculpture that was created using slab construction and pinching techniques. The finished bisque fire received a handmade seafoam green glaze.

Clay, glaze

This Bonsai Bandsaw Box was created from rough cut poplar wood that was jointed and planed before being glued into a solid cube. A rough sketch of a bonsai tree was then cut out using a bandsaw along with the drawers and pulls. The wood was sanded before being stained and protected.

Poplar wood, stain, polyurethane

Sweet Tooth is a pair of ceramic sculptures created using a combination of slipcasting and handbuilding techniques before being glazed and fired.


The project intentionally takes two favorite treats and gives them unappealing traits as seen by the bite in the doughnut and the melted ice cream cone.

Ceramic, glaze